Fundraising Standards

  1. The Winning Ways is God’s ministry, and we are His servants, performing the work that He has called us to do.

  2. We understand that God is in control, and that if He no longer deems it prudent for TWW to exist, we will accept His will and move on.  Until then, we will give our all to this endeavor.

  3. One of the most obvious ways that God shows His intentions for our work is through the finances that His people provide or don’t provide.  We will honestly voice our needs to His people, but we will not resort to overly emotional pleas or threats of crisis.

  4. We will not try to raise more money than we need.

  5. We will not over-extend ourselves financially.  We will not go into debt to finance new programs or equipment.  If God does not provide the funds, we will not do it.

  6. We will pay our vendors promptly

  7. We believe, as a para-church ministry, the primary obligation of the believer is to his or her church.  Gifts to TWW or any other program, for that matter, would not take priority over the local church.

  8. When God does touch people’s hearts to give to TWW, we will consider it a gift from God directly.  Therefore, we feel a strong responsibility to be good stewards of those funds.  We will consider each  expenditure carefully and seek to find the best value for each dollar spent.

  9. The names and addresses of our supporters will be kept in strictest confidence.

  10. Our financial records are reviewed annually by a Certified Public Accountant.

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