From Moscow (Yes, Russia!) with Love!!!

Norm Evans at St. Basil's in Moscow, Russia.

The invitation came from Carl Dambman, a veteran of 20+ years of ministry with Athletes in Action. He and his family lived and ministered in western Europe until the Iron Curtain came down and he had an opportunity to serve in Russia. He and his wife served there for more than two decades.

Carl lead and hosted an annual training seminar for volunteer ministry leaders from all over the former Soviet Union. I had the opportunity to teach and to share principals and how-tos to reach and minister effectively to athletes. I spoke several times through an interpreter - an interesting exercise in communicating effectively! The one-on-one conversations with young men and women seeking to serve and share Christ was a precious gift. Our ministry, The Winning Ways, provided the means for me to go and to serve. It will be a life-long memory - quite a trip for a young boy who grew up on the outskirts of Donna, Texas...(not the end of the world, but one can surely see it from there!)

Thanks so much for your consistent love, prayers and support of our work.  Bobbe and I don’t take any salary from The Winning Ways, as all contributions go toward ministry opportunities like this one.  It is a blessing to be able to say "yes, I will come" when invitations like this come to me.  
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