Recommended Readings:

Boundaries - Cloud and Townsend   

 Boundaries Face to Face - Dr. John Townsend  
 7 Keys to a Good Marriage - Gottman 
 How We Love - Yankovich  
 Sacred Marriage - Dr. Gary Thomas   

 Love and Respect - Emerson Eggerich   

 The Meaning of Marriage - Tim Keller 
 Core Communications - Phyllis and Sherrod Miller  
 Straight Talk - Sherrod Miller   

 Two  Sides of Love - Dr. John Trent 
 Love Language  and The Language of Apology - Chapman

Kingdom Man - Dr. Tony Evans

Mere Christianity - CS Lewis

Run with the Horses - Eugene Peterson

Gospel of the Kingdom - Ladd

Knowing God - J.I. Packer

Veneering - Stanley

The Jesus I Never Knew - Philip Yancey

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